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Growers work with CleanLight

Countries active

Countries active

Growers work with CleanLight

No residue, less pesticides & fungicides | CleanLight Horticulture
Read everything about our applications here, if you are interested or have any questions contact us! We will answer all of your questions.
Our applications
Growth inhibitors | Dry Weight
An intensive treatment program with CleanLight will make u less independent of chemical stoppers like Bonzai. Nevertheless, our treatment also results in a better, more natural color and heavier crops.
Crop protection
Gardeners who apply CleanLight as part of or as a complete replacement of chemicals against mildew, experience better-performing crops. In addition, their investment in biology will improve.
Dutch gardeners use traditional disinfection applications from CleanLight on cultivation tables, for the air in storage rooms, on trays, harvest carts and on water. Without chlorine, ozone or hydrogen peroxide.
Without nozzles. Protects the up- and underside of the leaf.

More than 3 meters above the floor. Speed 40 meters per minute. Tire width 12.80 meters. Treats 4 ha. in 2 hours.

What customers say about CleanLight!
PietHeijn Kapteijns

PietHeijn Kapteijns

Kapteijns Plantenkwekerij | Veghel

By fighting mildew etc. with CleanLight instead of chemicals, our crops perform better. In our greenhouse, but also at our customers’ outdoor
Ruud van Leeuwen

Ruud van Leeuwen

Klondike Gardens | Berkel en Rodenrijs

We have been using CleanLight since 2008 in the post-harvest to treat Botrytis. Meanwhile at all locations. No, we don’t kill all the spores, but our crops stay nice and clean in the transport phase.
Pim Verhoef

Pim Verhoef

Anthura | Bleiswijk

After careful analysis or an experiment at our location in 2013, we decided to use CleanLight to disinfect air in our laboratories, as well as cultivation tables in our greenhouses.
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